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The product of listening to the Strokes’ debut LP and Roots Manuva albums after school—plus paying attention in English class while in it— guitar lessons— learns Roxanne here to practice barre chords—and plenty of youthful indiscretions and adolescent adventures (more to follow), Arctic Monkeys’ first collection of songs emerged from a set of influences and experiences not just common between the band and their contemporaries, but ones which most people with half an interest in writing songs all share.Yet from the urgent drum rolls and pulsing guitars of opening song “The View From The Afternoon,” it’s clear this ‘band DNA’ has meshed into something uniquely exciting.

Despite their tender years—or perhaps because of them— with , Arctic Monkeys found a new and unique way to chronicle the rushes of youth, and in doing so created a classic take on a stage of life we all experience.

This album could be a blueprint for an imagined future; a reminiscence of the past; or your existence now.

The relentless rhythms of “From The Ritz To The Rubble” shakes with the fuzzy anger and sore head of the morning after one of the epic, boozy night out on the dance floors detailed earlier, before “A Certain Romance” rolls the credits with its whimsically clipped guitar and a solecismic sadness of thinking no one else in the world shares your vision that there might just be something ’s energy, they recognized the experiences Alex Turner’s snapshots captured and then they moved their “dancing feet” to the cavalcade of of riffs and rhythms.

The album was the best selling British record of 2006, yet, the achievement of Arctic Monkeys is bigger than just articulating shared experience in a catchy manner – after all, they had already achieved that with their online demos as those early festival audiences showed.

Its attitude and its energy come from genuine youthful enthusiasm.