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Eve managed to drop a note as to where she was being held captive.

Nick, who was also living at his old mansion, helped Shane rescue Eve.

Eve eventually learned the man in the mask was Nick. told Paige that while she was off visiting her grandfather in California, he'd slept with someone else.

Nick wanted Eve to have the scar on her cheek removed, but she only agreed to have the operation if Nick had his badly burned face repaired as well. didn't want Paige to go through the pain, so he agreed to break up with her.

Steve, Kayla, and Nick were waiting for Eddie at the mansion, but he managed to elude them once again. recruited one of his old friends, Roxanne, to pose as his new girlfriend.

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    Around 2001, a piece appeared on the Internet that has been circulated widely and often ever since, attempting to make the case that Australia’s gun reform efforts were a dismal failure in terms of reducing violent crime: From: Ed Chenel, a police officer in Australia.