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As part of his "services," Duclair then somehow tracks down Anthony Brent, a two-time convicted arsonist who he determines was the responsible party, and roasts him alive in a controlled fire (we do not see Duclair doing this, only the results).

Now that he is free, Duclair isn't happy to just knock off Brent.

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At this point, there are still about seven minutes of the show left.

Danno goes to visit Rey, who is still mulling over whether she wants to be part of Five-Zero.

The special effects for this fire including tons of smoke above Honolulu and related scenes with lots of firemen were actually very good.

Five-Zero takes shelter in a cabin in the middle of the fire, which is kind of ridiculous, but not as much as what follows, where Mc Garrett manages to get out of the forest, commandeer a helicopter and fly back above the cabin.

Fox many years ago) is young and could pass for being in her late teens, Mc Garrett and Danno tell her they want her to investigate the recent murder of a computer engineering student named Benny Lung on the Aloha State campus which has been connected to a hacker named Mi Zchief, a name which Danno suggests is that of "a moron." She tells them thanks, but no thanks.