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Removal of Work Related Activity Component (WRAC) in new claims for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)New claims for ESA from 1 April 2017 will no longer get the WRAC in their ESA payment.Limit to two children in Child Tax Credit In most cases, from 6 April 2017, Child Tax Credit will not be paid for a third or more child for new claims or entitlements.

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Weekly Benefits Cap There is a weekly Benefits Cap which limits the amount of state benefits households can receive.

We have to add together all the state benefits received, for example Child Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance and Housing Benefit.

*Please note that the Shared Accommodation Rate now applies to most single people under 35 years of age regardless of whether or not they live in self contained accommodation. It also applies to single people over the age of 35 and living in shared accommodation.

Based on the Government's calculation of household needs you need to count one bedroom for each of the following: If you rent your home from a Housing Association the maximum rent we can usually base your Housing Benefit on will be the actual amount of your rent (less any ineligible service charges).

Please do not delay in contacting us to tell us you want to make an application.