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(illustration) The lock mechanism is held in place on the metal panel by a plastic bracket with two cylindrical pins keeping the bracket in place.Use a blunt tool to push the pins out from the rear of the panel.(illustration) The rest of the door trim panel is now held in place by snap-in anchors and can be loosened by pulling the trim panel away from the door.

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This, of course, is assuming that the door locks and unlocks mechanically without problem (through the interior handle, exterior handle, and key insertion).

Replacing the part with a new one will be a definite fix, but you may also want to consider popping the unit open and look for any obvious problems - despite appearances the internal parts susceptible to failure are simple to troubleshoot and repair.

My Passat had managed to work the pins loose and dropped them into the door frame, where they've likely lain for months.

The bracket had then worked loose of the panel and the entire lock mechanism was free to jostle around in the door.

Locking Mechanism Removal: Start by removing the door trim panel.