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President, for the opportunity you have given us to serve the nation on this weighty subject. We have attempted to consider human cloning (both for producing children and for biomedical research) within its larger human, technological, and ethical contexts, rather than to view it as an isolated technical development. Mc Cormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Director of the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions, Princeton University. Although a cloned human child has yet to be born, and although the animal experiments have had low rates of success, the production of functioning mammalian cloned offspring suggests that the eventual cloning of humans must be considered a serious possibility.

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As a result, the reader will notice that, on some of the matters discussed in the report, Members of the Council are not all of one mind.

Consulting Professor in Human Biology, Stanford University. Instead, we have presented clear arguments for the relevant moral and policy positions on multiple sides of these difficult questions, representing each as fairly and fully as we can.

We think this Council is well situated to initiate such a review, and we have already begun it. It also raises new questions about the manipulation of some human beings for the benefit of others, the freedom and value of biomedical inquiry, our obligation to heal the sick (and its limits), and the respect and protection owed to nascent human life.

But we also stand ready to assist any other body that may be established to take up this large and complex subject. Finally, the legislative debates over human cloning raise large questions about the relationship between science and society, especially about whether society can or should exercise ethical and prudential control over biomedical technology and the conduct of biomedical research.

The extensive reasoning underlying these recommendations is given at length in the report and is well summarized in the Executive Summary, and so I shall not rehearse it here. D., Chairman Addie Clark Harding Professor, The College and the Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago. Rarely has such a seemingly small innovation raised such big questions.