Who is ingrid nilsen dating

Look for loads of celebrity pics alongside shots of Mark and Fabian being fabulous.- via Instagram Tig Notaro, the comedian, and her girlfriend, the actress, Stephanie Allynne, starred in a documentary together about Tig's battle with cancer, and it's so great to see the couple doing well!

- via Instagram Mark is a self-described You Tuber and Snapchatter, but paired off with Ethan, his boyfriend of over three years now, they are about as cute as it gets.

With a president who has bragged about grabbing women “by the pussy,” mocked menstruation (in 2015, Donald Trump criticized GOP debate moderator Megyn Kelly, saying she had “blood coming out of her wherever”) and promoted a health care plan that defines pregnancy, cesarean sections and rape as pre-existing conditions, the timing couldn’t be better.“For some reason, talking about periods is way less toxic than talking about contraception,” Weiss-Wolf says.

“This is an issue that can and does have bipartisan support.”Periods may be the most unlikely bridge between Democrats and Republicans, but she offers an example: Texas state Representative Drew Springer.

Across the country (and the world), talk of periods—in politics, at school, in the news—is far more likely to elicit snickers than substance.

Related: Fight to end period shaming has gone mainstream Last year, all that started changing.

In April 2016, published a cover story about how the fight to end period shaming was going mainstream, highlighting the advocates, politicians, entrepreneurs and inventors working to eliminate the tampon tax, redesign menstrual products and improve access for everyone, everywhere. When You Tube star Ingrid Nilsen asked him why tampons and pads are taxed as luxury items in 40 states, he replied, “I have no ideas why states would tax these as luxury items.